Time and Attendance Solutions

Simple and easy monitoring system

We provide an affordable time and attendance software solutions to allow you to record and track attendance of employees. This can be part of your access control system or an independent solution with options for biometric readers to prevent buddy punching and fraudulent time cards. This system will provide reports in Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF formats for ‘email’. And these reports can be either detailed clocking reports or summary reports. Exception reports such as absenteeism, late arrival and early departures are also captured. These simple easy to read reports that can be passed onto your payroll department thus making tallying up hand-written time cards or clock cards a thing of the past. Our State-of- the art Systems completely replaces outdated time and attendance tracking systems and will save you time and money.

What makes us different?

We have Centralized Attendance Monitoring system which the best in industry software package for managing the staff attendance, HR payroll and time sheets. We use leading brands in the industry which are offering advanced biometric and RFID reader solutions for accurate and quick personal identification recognition.

We provide the most cost effective packages for the clients.

Solutions for all


The Time and Attendance solutions are for all the industrial and individual clients including Villas, Airport, Offices, Hotels, Data Centers, Apartments, Banks and Finance.