Annual Maintenance Contract

Best and quick technical support for your company

Most Small-to-Medium businesses can't justify paying for a full-time employee to manage their technology, so it becomes a part-time job for an existing staff member. Without the proper experience in planning and oversight, managing the technology over time becomes a very chaotic and reactive process that is generally very expensive and unpredictable. Let the Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) manage your business technology needs for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a man power. 


Organisation Backhand Helpdesk Support

  • Single point of contact to the users for technical problems.
  • Call logging and updating
  • Escalation of calls to various levels
  • Organization support : 2 year in the same service industry with support to Private, corporate and government sectors

Desktop support

  • The software covered will be desktop clients operating system and office automation suite subject to availabilities of software’s
  • Installation of software implied reinstallation of desktop software following corruption / error
  • The desktops will be configured as per the standards defined in order to optimize the performance.
  • Troubleshooting if desktop components
  • Problem diagnosis and resolution of office automation & desktop software including call escalation in the event a problem cannot be resolved on-site. 
  • Desktop Virus Support
  • First level problem diagnosis and resolution of all virus related calls, including call escalation in the event a problem cannot be resolved (Customer is expected to have licensed anti-virus license for all systems & associated support contract with the antivirus vendor)
  • Monthly check on update on desktops

Printer Support

  • Printer support including meeting the requirement of Materials or Consumables 

Preventive Maintenance Support

  • Annual Maintenance Contract includes preventive as well as corrective maintenance, which will be done on quarterly basis.
  • Temp files along with other files and clusters, if required restoring it and vice versa for the health of the systems & increasing the life span of the computers.

Standby Support

  • Standby materials will be provided such Motherboards, ram, hard disk, monitors etc.
  • Standby support in case of any peripherals failure and standby will be provided till the time the product is repaired in case of emergency where product is continuously not compactable or creates some problem. A standby machine will be provided in case of emergency. Printer standby is supposed to be provided by the customer, i.e. should have a spare printer. However the repairing of the same will be taken care by our organization.